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Graham & Rollins has built a reputation over the years of being the top Crabmeat processor on the East Coast. Since 1942, we have prided ourselves on having the freshest, highest quality product in the blue crab meat market.

 Fresh Crab Meat will not be available after November 20th. The crab potting season ends and all crab pots must be removed from the water.  Any orders placed to ship after this date will be substituted with Pasteurized Crab Meat processed during the  season.

Our Crab meat is highly sought after for its sweet, succulent taste. The process begins when the crabs arrive to us, as they do every day, fresh off a boat or truck from the Southern Chesapeake Bay. The meat is cooked, picked, packaged, and shipped all within less than 24 hours of the crabs coming out of the water. This is why we can offer our customers the highest quality and freshness they have come to expect from us.

To ensure adequate refrigeration during shipping in the summer months; we are adding dry ice to the coolers.  If the product arrives frozen or partially frozen it can be immediately thawed and the fresh quality will not be  jeopardized. These products have not been frozen prior to shipment.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Karen P.

The meat was packaged with such care as to not crush the “lumps”, I didn’t find a single shell in the entire tub. The taste was truly delicious.

Lisa A.
Whale size Soft shell crabs

We were spitting shell out after sitting there desperately chewing for quite a while to we realized what was happening I need to call!

Evelyn S.

The meat is good but it’s not lump so why call it that ? Great packing and arrived on time

carolyn w.
A taste of home

A taste of home I sent this to my son because he lives in Montana and it is impossible for him to get crab meat and it’s such a wonderful treat for him

John F.
Great food, Great service

Order arrived perfect, even though weather was very hot. Made a delicious meal for my family. Well worth the price, taste, freshness, quality, all the best.

Edna C.
Crab Cakes

I cannot state enough how impressed I was with our last order. The crabmeat reminded me of when my mom steamed, picked, and made deviled crabs, years ago. The meat is delicious! I prepared two pounds last week, and I can hardly wait to do it all over again. I ordered six pounds, and I do not want to run out, as long as the crabmeat is of excellent quality, and reasonable priced. I highly recommend. Thank you, Graham and Rollins.

Nora V.F.

Its the very best as close as when I would get crabs in Maryland some 30 years ago when I would vacation in Ocean City, Maryland

Charlene D.
I love graham and Rollins crab

The crab meat ships well. I always ask that they freeze it before shipping to me cross country. The crab meat freezes and defrost well. Taste like just picked Thank you for sending me a little bit of home. There is nothing fresh crab in Vegas

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