Large Sea Scallops - Fresh

Product image 1Large Sea Scallops - Graham & Rollins | Hampton VA
Product image 2Large Sea Scallops - Graham & Rollins | Hampton VA

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Fresh from the Atlantic Ocean, Graham & Rollins colossal sea scallops are high in protein, while staying low in fat content. Our scallops are 100% white meat, with a very sweet and tender taste. We purchase our scallops directly from the scallop boats as they arrive at the dock.

All fresh items are subject to availability & may not ship out until later in the week.

To ensure adequate refrigeration during shipping in the summer months; we are adding dry ice to the coolers.  If the product arrives frozen or partially frozen it can be immediately thawed and the fresh quality will not be  jeopardized. These products have not been frozen prior to shipment.


Customer Reviews

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Mary H.

Haven’t tried the scallops yet. We are enjoying the crab cakes.


Large Sea Scallops - Fresh

Alicia J.
“Fresh Frozen …or Frozen Fresh”…..that is the question!p

“Fresh”…the key word as if an afterthought to justify being shipped out in nondescript unsealable plastic bags….an indication of unsanitary handling, but stressing its fitness of quality. Were they unfrozen when packed or did the dry ice freeze them? Your company is too established to permit this lack of quality control. The product came to me “frozen” in a misshapen form with no description of what it was….which gives new meaning to “fresh”…
What do I think about Large Sea Scallops - Fresh? I think they are delicious, but I think your scallops should be labeled “Frozen from fresh” and packaged accordingly…..before shipping. Thank you.

Jennette W.
Fresh and Delicious!

These scallops were JUMBO! So sweet and disappeared like magic. I will order more! You should try these!

Hilda I.

They were large and delicious.

Marc M.
Great deal

Best scallops ever. Don't mess with those little frozen ones at the supermarket. Really great customer service too.

Tami G.
Melt in your mouth!

These scallops were amazing! Truly just melt in your mouth. Love them every time.

Tressa R.
Delicious as usual!

Our order of the large sea scallops was incredible! We always enjoy getting our orders from Graham & Rollins, Inc.!

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