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Excellent delivery and dip was frozen . Couldn't have been better.

Imperial Crab Dip
Kenneth B.
Best Crab Dip

Everyone in my family and friends love that dip.


the best crabcakes ever!!


Excellent food, excellent customer service! Best crab cakes EVER!

Hard shells

Would rate higher except three crabs were missing a claw.

Soft shells

Soft shells when received were still frozen.
Crabs were small for Primes, more like Hotel size.


Delivery was on time. Packaging was first class, in two separate coolers.

Very disappointed. Not jumbo lump.
Some jumbo lump in the bottom of the container. But top 2/3’s was not jumbo lump. Like the person packing forgot what they were supposed to be putting in the container.
Will not be ordering again.

Great Product

We have been buying these for a number of years and are still enjoying them. We also like the crab dip.

Excellent Bacon Wrapped Scallops

This product is excellent in quality and taste

Andy Gresko

Amazing little neck clams and Crab Cakes.
The Clam Bake Family Reunion was a success praising the clams. The Crab Cakes are the best and so delicious. They are even easy to cook

Frozen Shrimp - Imported Product

Jumbo Lump Crab Meat
Valerie V.E.
Jumbo lump crab

Fabulous. The crab was fresh and delicious. Used half to make crab cakes; froze the rest. Delivery was great. Can’t wait to order some more.

Barely made it

We were a bit concerned about ordering our crab meat when it has been so hot. The gel packs had started to thaw out by the time we received our product. Why is every delivery, from pizza to packages taking so long? Are we always the last delivery of the day?

Bought as a gift

The recipients of the crab meat as a gift were very happy with the quality which made us very happy. We will be ordering again.

On time , great job

The crab cakes are fantastic

Graham & Rollins Crabcakes

Delicious !

Fabulously Delicious!

I waited patiently for months for the Graham & Rollins 5 oz. Crab Cakes to be available for purchase again, and it was worth the wait!! So delicious and flavorful! The aroma while they are cooking is intoxicating! Thank you for the amazing, wonderful crab cakes, Graham & Rollins!

Great crab cakes , easy to cook . Tased great.

Best crabcakes!

As a southern Maryland native now in Ohio, was so glad to find these Maryland style crabcakes. Have ordered several times. Delivery on time. ***** crabs and crabcake. Will be ordering again!

Love love love

Love love love these crab cakes!!!! Full of crab meat! I fry them in yummy. I'm an 87 yr old widow, so the individual wrapping is a plus. Can make one at a time out of the freezer.

DElivered as expected.

I truly appreciate how well the Jumbo Lump Crab Meat was packaged and maintained COLD. It was delivered on time and it's appreciated.

Jumbo Lump Crab Meat: Can not be beat!

Each year that I purchase this remarkable Jumbo Lump Crab Meat I am delighted. It contains superior lumps that add much to each recipe. The Crab Benedict was outrageously richer for this quality crab. The crab cakes needed little to enhance their quality. It is simply THE best premium crab ever.

I recieved my order on time

I received my order in the late afternoon. When I opened up the ice chest that it shipped in there was still about a half a pound of dry ice left inside the icechest and the eight Crab Cakes I ordered were frozen solid and wrapped for me to transfer into my home freezer for a delicious dinner in the near future.

Delicious crab dip

Its the best crab dip ever had!!!

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