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Staff communicated with me all along the way on delivery date and updates .

Best crab dip ever

Loved the food. I ate one every day til they were gone. Will definitely reorder

5 oz Classic Crab Cakes


We have ordered this before and are never disappointed!
We believe it is worth every penny we pay for the lovely flavor!

“Fresh Frozen …or Frozen Fresh”…..that is the question!p

“Fresh”…the key word as if an afterthought to justify being shipped out in nondescript unsealable plastic bags….an indication of unsanitary handling, but stressing its fitness of quality. Were they unfrozen when packed or did the dry ice freeze them? Your company is too established to permit this lack of quality control. The product came to me “frozen” in a misshapen form with no description of what it was….which gives new meaning to “fresh”…
What do I think about Large Sea Scallops - Fresh? I think they are delicious, but I think your scallops should be labeled “Frozen from fresh” and packaged accordingly…..before shipping. Thank you.

Delicious, but arrived thawed

I have ordered these crab cakes for years, and they are better than anything I have enjoyed at a restaurant! That being said, they arrived to my house completely thawed. Didn’t know if they would be safe to eat, so I emailed them, but did not receive any response. Won’t order again.

She Crab Soup
Diane B.

The She Crab soup was not quite like fresh, but very close - delicious!


I ordered the She Crab soup after falling in love with it while vacationing on the east coast. I ordered 5, and 1 of them was damaged - not in shipment, but maybe because of the dry ice packaging. I contacted the company and was surprised to receive a call from one of the owner. Teri Graham was so pleasant to talk to, and she is going to take care of the replacement personally. You rarely get service like that anymore.


Delivery was right on time, thanks again

Love Crab Dip

We ordered enough because we had it once before from Q with 5oz Crab cakes and we both said we loved the Imperial Crab Dip. So we bought enough to get us thru the holidays, Thanks Graham and Rollins

5 oz Classic Crab Cakes


The delivery date was perfect and was delivered right on schedule. Super fast, great packaging and nice and cold. I will definitely be ordering again and again. Great company!


This is my second order for crab cakes from Graham & Rollins, and I become more appreciative of their fine quality with each order. These crab cakes are very fresh, moist, and tasty, and are ready to heat and serve right out of the box. G&R does a fine job with these cakes from sea to a timely delivery to your door, to your table. I recommend G&R for your next crab cake purchase.


These scallops are so fresh, plump, and tasty that I ordered them twice. They arrived cold shipped on the day Graham & Rollins scheduled them to ship, and I was so eager to get them that I sauteed some as an appetizer that same night. I recommend you consider your next scallop purchase be from G & R.

Delicious Crab Cakes

I love having these in my freezer to satisfy a craving or to fix a fast, wonderful meal for my family or company. They cook from frozen in no time and are perfect. Lump meat, very little filler, and mouth-watering delicious. You won’t be disappointed.

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Reliably delicious

Consistantly delicious. I tell others often & have friends who also now order these.


The lobsters look great. Can't wait to try them.


The She Crab soup and crab cakes combo was a great gift for my Mother. I have been getting her G&R crab cakes and lobster cakes for some time. She said they were just as delicious and consistent as usual. Thank you !

Great !!

Delivered as Promised.

Happy customer

Delivered on time. It was perfect

Very Satisfied Customer

Received my order in a timely manner. Crabmeat was fresh and the container was filled with delicious jumbo nuggets. I wish the crabs were steamed instead of boiled, but, all-in-all, the crabmeat was outstanding. Thanks so much!!!

Excellence in Seafood

We have been G&R customers for some time now. Why??? Consistency in the quality of the best crab cakes going! Consistency in proper customer care! Staff properly handled one “shipping issue”, no fault of G& R. Shipper had labeling problem, product was delayed, later arrival time, but G&R stepped up and removed any question of possible illness, with replacement “cakes”. Tracking capabilities confirmed the issue at hand. Well done, G& R.
Thank you for your continued good products, and the best in customer care!

Frozen Soft Shell Crabs

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